Family Day Interpersonal Communication ( MC227 )
Academic Mission : Leadership Program and Seminar in Conflict Communication and Negotiation Skills
Date : 26-28 March 2010
Venue : FELDA Residence Tekam, Pahang

Title : Small Group Communication

          On 26 March 2010 until 28 March 2010 , we are from sequence Mc227 ( Bachelor of Interpersonal Communication ) had a Family Day programme at Felda Residence Tekam, Pahang. This Family Day is first time that held by Interpersonal Communication students and this programme is need to attend by all Mass Communication Students that take this course. Although this sequence is new in our faculty but this courses is the best among the best .

          Our Family Day is planned by senior part 5 this semester and the Project Manager is Siti Syadratul A’lya Samsudin. We have our own meeting before went to the location that are planned in the programme. Here, in our Family Day, they have their own objectives to get on that date. This programme also is want to combine together all students from this sequence from part 1 until part 5.This programme also is want to look for the small group communication skills. On 26 March 2010, Friday about 6.30 in the morning, students need to assemble before move on to the our destination, Felda Tekam .Our journey is began and all students is ready to face on our experience.

    Felda Residence Tekam, Pahang

          When we reach at our destination, Felda Tekam we are waiting by the great food in their cafe and there we are waiting by the people and they are really sporting. We are serve by all kind of food and all of them is very delicious. After that we are give some rest and we are divided into our own group.

   We are serve nice and delicious food

          After we reached at this Felda, we are taking our food and take some rest before starting our first activities. Lecturer and students are ate here and take some rest before move on to the chalet that we are stayed. Before that we are given some briefing on what is actually we want to get in this programme.

     Group divided

          Once we are given into the own group we need to know each other and communicate with them because we are from different part and different family background. There are 8 group that are divided to us and every group have their own students. I was put into group 8 that in my group there have 11 girls and I is the only one boy. When we are given our group we need to know each other and on that time we also give some briefing from the senior and our own group facilitators. All students also are given some information about our first activities here. Our first activities is Rafting and “ Straw ‘n’ Rubber band ” Game. This game is done by two session to avoid from take too much time on one game session. The game held at field and there is a free zone to make some game that are interesting and fun. On this game we can see small group communication development and from the students. Every group have their own planned to settle the game and the task that are given. When we are stayed together in the our own group, we are do such thing like our own ice breaking to know each other and also to get close together because we are will staying together as a group as long as time programme is still running.

          Our group is selected to do the “ Straw ‘n’ Rubber band ” first while the other group is doing rafting games. This time when we are divided into group and need to work together, so here we can see small group communication is practiced here. Small group is means here collection of individuals who are connected to one another by some common purpose, are interdependent, have some degree of organization among them, and see themselves as a group. In this game, players need to pass through the rubber by using straw and the last person need to use the rubber to tied up the person hair. More rubber on the person hair, more marks will be given by the judges. The judges is among seniors that also known as facilitators on that day. The person is choosing among the members that all person are agreed to choose that person. But the chosen person is must be a guy. In this game we can see how to communicate in the group and how to organise the team and also how good teamwork on that time. Planning are needed and all members need to work together to settled the game before the time. Here, the most important thing is we can see organizing rules in the group. Members of small groups must be connected by some organizing rules or structure. At times the structure is rigid-as in groups operating under parliamentary procedure, in which each comment must follow prescribed rules. At other times, as in a social gathering, the structure is very loose. Yet in both instances there’s some organization and some structure. Its means here two people don’t speak at the same time, comments or questions by one member are responded to by others than ignored, and so on.

          The other group is doing rafting and this activities also need full commitment from all members of the group. They need to combined their energy together to build raft and played in the small river. They need to go together because in this game full energy from the group is needed to move on the raft.

 After this all activities is finished, we are given some rest and after that we have a dinner. We need to rest because in the night there will be a next challenge to be complete by us.

  “ Straw ‘n’ Rubber band ” Game

          All the students needs to assemble at the hall before started second activities. Second activities that are need to completed by us is Night Treasure Hunt. We are given some task to completed on that night and the best team is be the winner. We need to find something and state down the answers on the task papers. This activities is ran at night so members in the group need to know each other and need to be in the group to avoid from something bad happen. By this time small group culture is involved and on this topic of small group culture, they have small group norms. Smalls group norms is a rules or standards of behaviour identifying which behaviours are considered appropriated . For an example, being willing to take and added tasks or directing conflict toward issues rather than toward people.

          Small group may apply to individual members as well as to the group as a whole and of course, will differ from one society to another. Norms that regulate a particular group members behaviour , called role expectations, identify what each person in an organization or group is expected to do. In this game, we need to use mind concept and thing before doing any action. Group that finished all task before the time that had been set up will announce as a winner but they need to answers all the questions correctly.

          This game also is need problem solving. There were problem-solving groups and here its means that collection of individuals who meet to solve a problem or to reach a decision. In one sense this is the most exacting kind of group to participate in. It requires not only a knowledge of the particular problem. And it usually demands faithful adherence to a somewhat rigid set of rules. On this activities also the problem solving sequence is they need to define and analyze the problem. The second one is establish criteria for evaluating solutions. After that identify possible solutions, evaluate solutions, select best solutions and test the solutions. The best solutions is make decision by authority, majority rule and decision by consensus.

          On that night, we learn about community and what is actually have in Felda Tekam and we know that that is not just felda but it have a lot of facilities that are needed nowadays. We can discuss together in our team and how to solve the problems that are given and how to keep our group secret before the other group know about our strategy. In our group although we have only one guy, we can combine together our idea and can share together our problem include problem in study.

    Night Treasure Hunt briefing

          On the second day we were here, that on Saturday , we are also waiting for our next game and task . In the morning before do some activities we are need to do aerobics to maintain and built up our stamina. After that we are serve for breakfast and after breakfast we are need to complete our net games or task. That game was given special name, the name is
“ Mission Possible ”. In this game we need to settle our task and on that we need to choose our team name, trademark, logos and cheers. We also need to find something that are include in the instructions of the game. In this game there are include personal growth groups. Some personal group referred to as support groups, aim to help members cope with particular difficulties. Personal growth groups vary widely in the procedures they follow, so it’s not possible to provide a standard pattern that all such groups follow in the case brainstorming or which problem solving groups .

          In this game also we can know and learn about three well-known types of personal growth groups. There are the encounter group, the assertiveness training group and the consciousness-raising group. In this game we need to use our mind to get up what actually want in the task and this game is not use energy especially. By this time , in our small group we need to deal with the villagers especially because we want to know about the place especially. Here, we need to use our communication skills effectively. To talk with the villagers we need to talk nicely because that is their place so we need to respect them.

          After we all settle all the task that are given, we need to present on what is actually we had done along the time that are given. That group presentation is needed to present and show our work to be judges. All the work that are given have their own objectives. In this presentation all members in this small group need to participate and to show what is exactly they understand on what they do in their discussions. All members need to talk and give some idea. They also need to backup on their group presenter , who is actually lead the presentations. Here also shows that this personal growth group helps members to deal with personal problems and to function more effectively. Popular types of personal growth groups are the encounter group, and the consciousness-raising group. This is also the kind that are needed to use in the small group communications.

          “ Blind Fold Game ” is the our next activities and this activities is funny but it full of challenges. In this activities, group members need to trusted their own members and friends. In this activities, our eyes will close with cloth and we need to walk based on the checkpoint that are set up by facilitators. In this activities, on what we had learn is we need to trusted only our group an don’t trust anyone. Here also we learn on how a leader to conduct their group members and how the group members conduct their groups without the leader.

 “Blind Fold Game ”

         In the night , we all the interpersonal communication ( INC Clubs ) have own dinner and our dinner is held at a open hall beside the pool side and the situation is very interesting. Every semester students need to do some performance on that night to show our own creativity and personality. On that night also every students in every semester were wearing their own style to make that night is very interesting dinner. Here we can communicate with others and can know each other also. We can enjoyed our dinner and our night with a great performance from all semester and that all is very interesting. Something that are not we can see in the class situation. Great performance and great idea were come from everybody and we all can share together.

 Interpersonal Communication Dinner

          After the dinner , we are return back to our chalet and take some rest before next programme on Sunday. On the next day we also waiting for the other games but this time is provided by the villagers.

          This is the last day we were here and we have our own activities here and need group work once again. By this time, games are set up by the villagers and it must be a great game and will give impact to us. This game is called “ Management & Obstacle ” by ( FELDA ).

          We are need to work together as a group and need to trust each other to build confident to success in the games. That all games in teach us how to communicate in the small group and how to settle the game without any problems among own group.

First game

                                                                      Second game

Third game

          After finished all the game we are return back to our chalet to packing all our thing to check out from that place. Before we all are come back to Shah Alam we need to assemble at the hall to close the events. Here also we are given some special present and take picture together from MC227 family, Interpersonal Communication.

          We proud to be in Interpersonal Communication family and also proud to our senior that done this programme perfectly. We also thanks to all lecturer Interpersonal Communication that come and support us.

  My group-Group8 ( Punctual Group )

   Interpersonal Communication ( Part2 )

Interpersonal Communication Family